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The definitive client


Clients: Consumers, who are increasingly more intelligent, educated and informed; who know what they want and wish to obtain value for their money, without spending one euro more than they have to.

The international business scene has been centred on clients for decades; client satisfaction has long been the crucial element pursued by leading companies around the world.

It is surprising to observe how many successful companies are leaders in their field without spending a cent on publicity. Their advertising strategy is based on word of mouth; a pleasantly surprised client will tell the world how satisfied they are with the company that has given them what they needed, at a fair price and within the required time.

While clients began to take the centre stage for companies, the world wide web (w.w.w.) transformed the world into an enormous neighbourhood; what started out as a way to enjoy leisure time and share information, son became a powerful new instrument for consumers and companies.

These days, the opinion of a satisfied (or angry!) client takes seconds to be voiced to the world; and clients don’t need to wait until they get home and can tell their story from their home computer. They use their Smartphone instead. Clients have so much power in the 21st century that it can be a frightening thought.

The members of DOM3 know that the promotion and construction of high-end villas wields strategic importance for Marbella’s are of influence; the economic activity carried out in this sector continues to generate wealth and employment. It is our obligation and social responsibility as entrepreneurs to ensure that the companies operating in this sphere continue to be competitive in the complex market of international residential tourism.

Our success as competitors will depend on our ability to give clients exactly what they expect to receive when they invest in Marbella, Benahavis or Estepona. We understand this as entrepreneurs and we have started working to meet this objective: The client is they key to success.

All that it will take is for national, autonomous and municipal administrations (the politicians that lead them and the public servants who work within them), to reflect upon the fact that the clients we are speaking of are also their clients.

Javier Herrero Jiménez