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With an exceptional location and views of the sea and the mountains, we are immersed in the construction of a detached villa located in the heart of the Costa del Sol, built by Alejandro Giménez Architects.

The project starts with the premises of the sea, the sky and the incredible views offered by the location of the plot. From this point, the ordinary distribution of the house is inverted, where the bedrooms and rest area is located on the ground floor, leaving on the first floor all the daytime activity area where there is a large terrace that takes advantage of the wonderful views over the urbanization of Marbesa and the sea.  The aim is to generate quality architecture without ever losing the identity of the Mediterranean roots. The house is designed in detail and with the most care in the choice of materials, to achieve contemporary spaces, but with warm and friendly atmospheres. Large open and luminous spaces are planned, where the aim is to create a direct connection between interior and exterior, where the marvelous views are the protagonists. 

Under these parameters in the project there are three fundamental aspects, in a heavy and massive architecture where the thick walls divide the rooms; wood for finishes, furniture and representative elements that give warmth to the spaces; and the microcement, which extends throughout the flooring of the interior and exterior of the dwelling and even for some pieces of fixed furniture, giving uniformity and continuity to the whole. To these are added the canes of the pergolas that filter the light and generate amusing shadow games. 

The lighting is always indirect and gradual, with lights recessed in the walls at different levels according to need, which are completely concealed.

Another hallmark of this exercise in containment and worship of roots is based on enhancing the indoor/outdoor relationship through the opening of large windows, which can be opened or closed depending on the orientation and requirements of the space.