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Atlas Group

Atlas Group

Over the years atlas group has developed a reputation as a highly knowledgeable and dedicated construction company in Marbella, adept at delivering tailor-made construction, bespoke interior design and landscape projects throughout the Costa del Sol. Unlike other building companies in Marbella, atlas group employs every member of the team, choosing technical experts in each field who are committed to delivering the highest quality builds for our customers.

Choosing the right professionals to begin your home or commercial project is crucial and will determine whether or not you live or work in the home of your dreams, or make compromises.

You don’t want to compromise – you want pool specialists, trustworthy and capable builders and imaginative, knowledgeable landscape architects. Making sure all these experts work together to achieve an immaculate finish is difficult. That’s why atlas group brings all this expertise under one roof. atlas pool, atlas build and atlas garden are a handpicked team of award winning, technical and creative professionals, with few equals in Marbella. We manage the entire project, leaving you to sit back and watch the transformation. By bringing together Marbella’s best, we can consistently fulfil our customer promise, delivering excellent value for money and a beautiful finish, just as you imagined and more.

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