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La Albaida, a partner with vision


How would you describe your company in a Tweet?

We are a family business which has been dedicated to interior design and décor since 1991. We have showrooms in Marbella and Málaga.

Give us a little more detail about your main business activity and the sector you work in.

We are interior designers specialised in interiors/décor projects, which is something we are extremely passionate about. There is nothing more satisfying than enjoying what you do. Working in Marbella increases our chances of attracting clients from all over the world; they hail from different cultures and speak different languages. This enriches us immensely; we are incredibly fortunate.

What expectations do you have of providing your services in Marbella and its area of influence?

Marbella has survived a difficult period and it is slowly becoming a leading touristic and residential destination at a worldwide level. We are noticing this change in our business; people from vastly different parts of the world are choosing Marbella as their residence. Most people buy or build their second home in Marbella, but others choose our area as their principal place of residence. This has turned this city into a highly cosmopolitan one.

What is your opinion of high-end residential tourism?

Residential tourism is demanded by clients who are accustomed to travelling and living in different parts of the world; they are well informed and know what they want. This is the type of tourist we should pamper, so they stay in Marbella instead of choosing other luxury destinations. We must all work hard to provide the quality and service this requires.

What elements should a high-end villa possess?

These types of project require a marriage of many factors if they are to be converted into unique creations. Some key elements luxury homes should display include quality in design, an attention to detail and the very latest in comfort engineering.

To which companies would you recommended sponsorship of the international architecture prize?

All companies that understand the concept of quality in luxury homes, as well as all members of the association and the other sponsors of the DOM3 Prize. This sector holds extraordinary potential, generates local employement and attracts foreign investment – this is exactly what Marbella needs.

What has motivated you to sponsor the architecture prize?

The fact that we have formed part of DOM3 since it was founded, and the fact that we believe in its project. The Association is carrying out excellent work, which we feel totally committed to.