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Kabila, a committed partner


How would you describe your company in a tweet?

Kabila is a company specialising in high-end natural stone projects on an international scale.

Give us a little more detail about your main business activity and the sector you work in.

Kabila designs, supplies and installs natural stone in high-end single family homes and luxury hotels. Our clients are end users with high purchasing power. They understand and value the unparalleled nobility and beauty of stone.

What expectations do you have of providing your services in Marbella and its area of influence?

Kabila is a company with a global vision. Our clients own houses all over the world and our services are available to them, wherever they wish to build their home. Marbella is one of the most important markets in Europe as far as luxury single-family homes are concerned and it is also where our headquarters are located. Therefore, it is a strategic market for us.

What is your opinion of high-end residential tourism?

High-end residential tourism is an immensely sustainable business model. It generates employment among specialised skilled workers and has great technological and artisanal value. It generates added value and is respectful to the environment. In summary: it is an ideal business model for the future of any modern economy.

What elements should a high-end villa possess?

Design, top quality materials, technology, excellent artisans, and the constructor’s know-how. It poses an immense challenge!

To which companies would you recommended sponsorship of the international architecture prize?

Any company in the world that seeks to be part of the future of the construction of luxury villas.

What has motivated you to sponsor the architecture prize?

DOM3 is an association of leading companies in their sector. Kabila’s aim is to stand alongside these companies, and to support them in any challenge they decide to face.