Grupo Polo, promoters of high-end villas in Marbella since 1983

6 marzo, 2015


How would you describe your company in a Tweet?

Grupo Polo, founded in 1951, promoters of high-end villas, in Marbella since 1983.

Give us a little more detail about your main business activity.

We specialise in high-end villas and bespoke projects in Marbella; from the purchase of plots to the handover of keys.

What sector do you work in?

Real estate, architecture, and the construction and promotion of villas.

What expectations do you have of providing your services in Marbella and its area of influence?

We view the future with optimism. We believe that Marbella and its area of influence are emerging from the crisis quicker than other areas in Spain.

What is your opinion of high-end residential tourism?

It is one of the driving forces of the economy; activity in this sector has remained stable during the crisis. It generates a plethora of jobs. The high purchasing power of high-rend residential tourists is high, which means that their mean spending costs are incredibly high and they have a very positive effect on the economy in the entire area.

What elements should a high-end villa possess?

In our sector, as in many others, consumer habits and tastes have changed considerably over the past few years. Villa design is more contemporary and comprises simpler lines. But the most important new requisite is that villas should serve the purpose they were built for. In our view, safety, privacy and a privileged location are vital. Moreover, high-end villas should have ample spaces, top quality materials and construction and cutting edge technology that grants greater comfort to a home.

To which companies would you recommended sponsorship of the international architecture prize?

Those who wish to associate their brand with the high-end villa sector in Marbella, a true reference point for high-end residential tourism on a worldwide scale.

What has motivated you to sponsor the architecture prize?

We think this is the best time and place to hold an event such as this; it is a prestigious cultural event on an international scale, which will take place in Marbella.



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