Gesmacon, a member of DOM3 that is committed to the high-end housing sector

6 marzo, 2015


How would you describe your company in a Tweet?

We are a family business in the construction sector offering personalised service to our clients.

Give us a little more detail about your main business activity and the sector you work in.

We build luxury villas and business premises. We work at a local level; above all, we value quality, transparency in all our activities, Constant communication with the client is likewise vital, so we can do our work well and within set time limits. It is worthy of mention that we deal directly with the owners of the properties we are building; we don’t work for promoters, if not for individuals. We also have a team that specialises in renovations – this allows us to attract a wide range of clients, who in turn bring in new clients.

What expectations do you have of providing your services in Marbella and its area of influence?

Since 2013, we have had an important resurgence of work, which continues to this day. More importantly, there are many clients who request budgets, and give us the ‘go ahead’. This hasn’t occurred in various years and it is evidence of the fact that many people are now opting to construct or reform properties in Marbella.

What is your opinion of high-end residential tourism?

It is an important motor of the local economy. Owing to its economic capacity, it generates new synergies that reactivate the economy of the areas in which it is present. High-end residential tourism doesn’t merely generate employment during the moment of investment in the construction of a home; it also leads to the creation of new, lifetime jobs.

What elements should a high-end villa possess?

Location, integration into the surroundings, design, technology and efficiency.

To which companies would you recommended sponsorship of the international architecture prize?

All companies who wish to mark Marbella as a standard bearer for high-end residential tourism. Everyone is welcome here, because we are all interested in the resurgence of a sector as important as this is.

What has motivated you to sponsor the architecture prize?

Our commitment to the consolidation of this sector. If we work at it together, we believe that the future is bound to be bright.



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