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The Association of Entrepreneurs for High Quality Homes DOM3 has chosen its new board of directors that will face the challenges of the 2020-2021 season, marked by the intention of recovering the International Architectural Award and also celebrating the DOM3 Strategic Forum.

Landscape architect Laura Pou has been elected as the new president of this group that promotes excellence in the high-end home construction sector. She is accompanied by the architect Francisco Guillén as vice president, Ignacio Pérez de Vargas, founder of the Pérez de Vargas Abogados law firm as secretary, members of the board include architects Ernesto Palanco and Alejandro Giménez, also partner of La Albaida Diseño Interiors Cristina Barroso.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the fourth edition of the DOM3 Prize International Architectural Award had to be suspended. Therefore, one of the main aims of the new team is to resume this event.

According to the president of the DOM3 Association Laura Pou the new board of directors are already working on the search for an ideal plot that will be the object of the next edition of the contest in 2021 and that with the start of the new season more details will be available.

The fourth edition of the DOM3 Strategic Forum will also be organised, following the success of the previous ones. A meeting where professionals from the architectural and construction sectors join with companies related to high-end housing in general, debating and reflecting on the current issues affecting the sector.
A technical Conferences is also proposed to address specific issues of professional interest.

The new board of directors has also set other objectives in a year that will be full of challenges, among which will be to continue to promote the image of the association and to join forces with other entrepreneurs in the area of influence of DOM3 continuing the promotion of the high quality homes sector, as well as to continue working to highlight that the Costa del Sol is a safe, comfortable and quality place of residence.

Finally, the board faces in the new season two very topical challenges: the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and the objectives of sustainable developments. In this regard, the association is committed to the task of influencing public administrations with the aim of turning its environment into a world benchmark in the high-end residential tourism sector.

President Laura Pou is excited about this new stage of the association and states that “it will be hard work, even more so in the situation in which we find ourselves, but it’s important that we all unite to value the sector of high-quality homes, which creates so many jobs and generates great income on the Costa del Sol ”.