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Ricardo Bocanegra Sánchez

Ricardo Bocanegra Sánchez holds a degree in Law, specialising in Public Law, from the University of Seville and is an Administrative Manager. In April 1982 he founded Gestoría Bocanegra. From the beginning he specialised in foreigners' issues and in record time he became the leading foreigners' affairs agency in Malaga. Ricardo Bocanegra has always been at the forefront of defending the interests of foreigners, as he is aware of the fundamental importance of residential tourism for the economy of the province of Malaga. It was precisely with the aim of supporting foreign residents that he founded the Federation of Foreigners' Associations of the Costa del Sol in 1993. As president of FAECOSOL he obtained numerous achievements for the benefit of foreigners, such as what the national press called the "Bocanegra amendment", through which he managed to get the Government to modify the draft bill on tourist registration; or the exemption of the luxury tax on the import of vehicles for British citizens who moved to Spain; or the warning from the European Commission to the Civil Government of Malaga to correctly apply the Community rules to foreign residents; or the campaign he carried out in favour of allowing EU citizens to vote in municipal elections, and a long list of other actions aimed to defend the interests of foreigners in Spain. All this work has brought him various recognitions. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher sent him a telegram thanking him for his support of the British people. The Institute of Foreign Property Owners of Altea (Alicante) named him "Honorary Foreigner". Several town halls on the Costa del Sol have presented him with plaques in recognition of his lectures to foreign residents, the President of the Moscow City Duma (Parliament) has awarded him a decoration for his support of Russian investors in Spain, and the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation has decorated him for his "significant contribution to the prosperity of Greater Russia". Ricardo Bocanegra was one of the first to see the importance of Russian investment for the Costa del Sol and for 19 years he has been attending to many Russians in his office and facilitating the way for Russian investors and their families to obtain their residence permits, and in many cases their work permits as entrepreneurs who create wealth and employment. Gestoría Bocanegra currently has twenty-one employees and professionals. Their cordial and friendly attention, together with their professionalism and seriousness in their work are the base of the success of this Gestoría, which by its own merits continues to be a reference in Marbella and in the whole province of Malaga. Its 30 years of history bear witness to this.