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Mar Loren-Méndez

Doctor of Architecture from the University of Seville. Member of the College of Architects of Malaga, where this year she celebrates 25 years in the profession. Master in Heritage and New Technologies - awarded by the European Leonardo Da Vinci programme - and Master in Design Studies, Harvard University, awarded by the Real Colegio Complutense, a world centre of excellence - where she carried out pre-doctoral stays, linked to her first line of research on Spain-USA transfer processes, marking the international profile of her career. From this moment on, the characterisation of heritage has been the common perspective of the different main themes that have been the backbone of her career. Researcher in charge of the Contemporary Territory, City and Architecture Group, her research focuses on the processes of heritage characterisation and protection, with emphasis on contemporary heritage, the tourist coastline and the incorporation of new technologies. In 2019 she was given the approval to lead the UNESCO CREhAR Chair (Creative Research and Education in Heritage Assessment and Regeneration) dedicated to contemporary heritage in the digital era. Professor of the Department of Architectural History, Theory and Composition, School of Architecture, University of Seville, she has carried out her international teaching and research work in centres such as Boston Architectural Center (USA), where she started as a professor, University of the Andes (Colombia), University of the Republic of Montevideo (Uruguay), Rice University, University of Puerto Rico, BTU Cottbus (Germany), La Villette (Paris) and UC Berkeley (USA), among others. In the last two she has obtained research stays. She has won awards for innovation, teaching excellence and for her teaching and research career, with special emphasis on research training through grants and contracts. Her postgraduate and doctoral teaching is linked to heritage research on coastal tourism transformation: Direction of the University of Seville Module of the European Master with BTU Cottbus on Coastal Transformation, heritage characterisation and sustainable regeneration, directing several Master Theses in this line. She also coordinates the Coastal Line, Infrastructure and Sustainability in the Doctoral Programme of Architecture of Seville, directing doctoral theses in this field. She has directed contracts and projects focused on the study of the Costa del Sol: the Andalusian Register of Contemporary Architecture RAAC (Málaga team management); Costa del Sol. Territory, City and Architecture (IP) (both recognised with the 2009 Malaga Prize, Fomento de la Arquitectura). The N-340 road corridor as a historical axis of the Andalusian coastline with European Funds, in the framework of which she received two awards at the Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism BEAU 2018. The exhibition and publication of the project Bernard Rudofsky. Critical disobedience of modernity, investigates contemporary housing that learns from the Malaga vernacular landscape, culminating in the protection of the Rudofsky House as the youngest monument in Andalusia. In this research she obtained a grant from the Getty Research Institute (Los Angeles) and an Award from the College of Architects of Malaga in 2016. The presentation of her research in national and international conferences and publications such as VLC, PAA, TDSR (Berkeley), Arquitectura COAM, AS Arquitecturas del Sur (Chile), Apuntes (Colombia), Geographical Review (USA), IJGI (Switzerland), Revista EGA, Construction Reports in Avery, Riba, A&H Index or JCR endorse her research production.