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Luiyo Vázquez

Born in 1956 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After years of school and university, he graduated in architecture and urbanism in 1981, at the University of Buenos Aires. From his student days, he developed a great deal of skill in drawing and freehand drawing. In the early 80's, he attended architectural drawing workshops with architects Minond and Borghini (1981 to 1983), the drawing workshop with master Hermenegildo Sabat, (1983 to 1985), and the painting workshop of master Carlos Gorriarena (1986 to 1987). From then on, he began to carry out a steady stream of artistic work, taking part in individual and collective exhibitions. Such as the creation of the "La Yeca" group dedicated to urban drawing, which held several exhibitions in cultural centres in Buenos Aires and in the Recoleta Cultural Centre and the Faculty of Architecture of Buenos Aires in 1985. Two years later, at the aforementioned Centro Cultural Recoleta, he held the solo exhibition "Monumento a la Bicicleta" (Monument to the Bicycle). Based on a sculpture in the form of a "windmill" located in the heart of the City of Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, from 1980 to 1988, he taught design and drawing at the University of Buenos Aires in Architecture and Graphic Design. Several of his works were selected for the Manliba, Clarín, Pilot, Cayac, Ritos Urbanos (Mention 1995) Recoleta Cultural Centre of Buenos Aires awards. He was also selected in Spain for the Barcardi awards in 1991, and the Marbella Biennial in 1989 and 1991. Between 1993 and 1996 he returned to teaching architecture at the University of Buenos Aires. He has been living permanently in Marbella since 1998, dedicating himself to architecture and plastic arts, focusing especially on urban themes. He is a member of the group Urban Sketcher Málaga and Croquiseros Urbanos de Buenos Aires, where he often participates in the calls for proposals in these cities, as well as in congresses of the Urban Sketcher Group worldwide. Co-author of the book "Marbella, An urban case study" with journalist and writer Michel Cruz and international photographer Wayne Chasan. Together they have created a visual graphic journey along with an account of Marbella's iconic moments. He has also participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in recent years. He currently belongs to the Art Community "La Kavra", with whom he maintains a productive activity in the art scene of Marbella.