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José Seguí

José Seguí Pérez, born in Valencia (1946) studied at school in Malaga (1958) and graduated as an architect at the School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (1971). He set up his own "Estudio Seguí, Arquitectura y Planeamiento" (1975) with offices in Malaga and Madrid, jointly developing work on the different scales of Architecture, Planning and Design. He received the National Prize for Urban Planning for the General Plan of Malaga (1985) and for the Special Plan for the Alhambra (1987), as well as the recognition of the Italian National Association of the International Prize "Gubbio" (1997) and the Prize for Rehabilitation "Europa Nostra - Unesco" (1986). He has developed teaching experiences in the School of Architecture of Granada (1993-2004) and in the School of Architecture of Malaga (2008-2012) as a Director of the Chair of Companies “Tourism and Landscape” from where the “International Landscape Workshops” originated, which he has been directing since 2008. As for his designs, he is a member of the “Colectivo Artístico Palmo” and his work and designs are on permanent exhibition in the “Museo de la Aduana” in Malaga and individual exhibitions in galleries in various Spanish cities. In 1985 he founded and directed the “Revista Geometría” dedicated to the reflection and investigation of the processes of urban and architectural development of our cities, understanding both professional practices as two inseparable sides of the same coin. MAIN WORKS ARCHITECTURE: Residential Complexes: 1993: GARBINET neighbourhood, Alicante. 1999: LAGUNILLAS neighbourhood, Malaga. 2000: SOLIDARITY Square, Malaga. 2001: HACIENDA CLAVERO, Malaga. 2006: TANGER CITY CENTER, Morocco. Cultural Facilities: 1984: Teatro CERVANTE, Málaga - "Europa Nostra" Award. 1987: LA LINEA Theatre, Cádiz. 1989: MAESTRO PADILLA Theatre, Almería. 1990: Theatre of RONDA, Malaga. 1992: MUSEUM of the CAPITULATIONS, Santa Fe-Granada. 2001: WINE MUSEUM, Malaga. 2003: TANGER CITY CENTER, Morocco. Sports Equipment: 1989: BEACH SPA, Playas Cortadura, Cádiz. 1997: La Rosaleda STADIUM, Malaga. 2003: OLYMPIC PAVILION of the Mediterranean Games, Almeria. 2008: ANTEQUERA SPORTS HALL, Malaga. Administrative facilities: 1984: BUS STATION, Malaga. 1988: Headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce, Malaga. 1999: Puerto Real-Cádiz CITY COUNCIL. 1995: Headquarters of the General Registers, Malaga. 1997: INSTITUTO EUROPEO de la Alimentación Mediterránea, Málaga. 2002: CIUDAD DE LA JUSTICIA, Malaga. Hotels and leisure: 2008: HOTEL MIRAMAR, Malaga - Spain Luxury Hotel Awards. 2015: TORRE DEL PUERTO HOTEL, Malaga. PLANNING Urban Scale: 1986: PASEO MARÍTIMO DEL Zapillo, Almeria 1987: Special Plan for the ALHAMBRA, Granada - National Award 1987 1988: Huerta del Obispo Park, Madrid. 1991: PASEO MARITIMO of Puerto Real. 1992: Antequera-Malaga BUSINESS PARK. 1995: CENTRAL PARK OF Tres Cantos-Madrid. 2000: Maria Zambrano Park, Velez-Malaga. Scale City: 1983: GENERAL PLAN of MÁLAGA - National Prize. 1987/2003: GENERAL PLAN of ANTEQUERA. 1997: GENERAL PLAN of RONDA - Gubbio Prize. 1993: GRANADA GENERAL PLAN. 1997: CORDOBA GENERAL PLAN. 1999: BAENA GENERAL PLAN. 2018: GENERAL PLAN of LA LINEA DE LA CONCEPCIÓN-CÁDIZ. Territorial Scale: 1986: LITORAL GUIDELINES of the Southern Mediterranean. 1988: PROTECTION PLAN of the Mediterranean Front of Coradura-Cádiz. 2006: TERRITORY MANAGEMENT PLAN of the western of the Costa del Sol. DESIGN Series of FURNITURE “Structures” - Special Mention at the 1st Biennial of the Bilbao International Exhibition in 1984. Series of LAMPS, CLOCKS and various OBJECTS produced in series and exhibited in various Museums and Art Galleries: Museum of Málaga de la Aduana (in permanent exhibition), Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid, Museum of Palau Solleric of Palma de Mallorca..., and Art Galleries of Málaga, Madrid, Mallorca, Cáceres, Granada...