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Con 140 años en el sector de la climatización, Vaillant, firma alemana perteneciente a la multinacional Vaillant Group, es una de las marcas líderes del mercado en Calefacción, Agua Caliente Sanitaria y Energías Renovables. Como fabricante sensibilizado con el ahorWith 140 years of experience in the air conditioning sector, Vaillant, a German company belonging to the multinational Vaillant Group, is one of the leading brands in the Heating, Domestic Hot Water and Renewable Energies market. As a manufacturer that is committed to energy saving and a specialist in highly energy-efficient products, Vaillant is characterised by its wide range of products, with which to obtain maximum comfort and respect for the environment both in the home and in small premises in the tertiary sector and small-scale industrial activities, and an excellent nationwide after-sales service network.