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Renovation of a charming villa in an unbeatable location, on the beachfront and just five minutes from the centre of Marbella. The client entrusted Illusion to design the lighting, both architectural and decorative, as well as the lighting control system.

With brands such as Deltalight, Occhio and Flos, the result is a high-quality project capable of satisfying the most demanding requirements.

Several pieces from Occhio’s Mito range were placed in the living room. Thanks to the German brand’s “colour tune” technology, which allows the light temperature to be changed with a simple hand gesture, we have created a versatile environment that can be the perfect place to relax or a place to work that encourages concentration.

With the control provided by the Lutron system, and the technology of its Palladiom control panels, we have created scenes that adapt to the client’s and family’s lifestyle. We have also integrated the control of the electric curtains for greater comfort.

Airzone, one of our usual brands when it comes to climate control, allows us to manage the temperature from the Lutron app. The entire home is controlled from a single platform, making the task much easier.

Design, coupled with technology, provides greater scope for enjoying comfort and time from anywhere in the home.