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Founded in 1980 in the city of Pordenone in the Italian countryside, Valcucine is specialised in manufacturing high-end furniture company.

Initially, the production focuses on luxury kitchens, however, over time, the company began producing furniture lounge and service area.

Still very young, Valcucine already has more than 500 outlets, which operates in over 50 countries.

Valcucine is the technological innovation at the service of nature and man.
A company that puts first the aesthetics and creativity, associated with ergonomics and safety.

Since its foundation, sustainability is present in the DNA of the company. Recycling and using fewer raw materials, combined with low emissions and durability of parts, VALCUCINE positioned as a leader in the global market, given the current certifications so credited.

Valcucine present in Marbella, transforming furniture into pieces of art.