Members of the association are prominent business professionals from diverse sectors. They include lawyers, notaries, business consultants, architects, engineers, real estate agents, project managers, developers, builders contractors, building material suppliers, public relations and communication experts, interior designers, landscape architects and sub-contractors specialising in high-quality housing.

The members of the association are:


Since our birth, at Vemax we have had a clear objective: we want to create extraordinary homes, unique places for our clients. Using our exclusive designs on windows, doors and enclosures, at Vemax we seek to make the client fall in love with our projects. In addition, we are aware of their needs, so we provide a completely personalized advice service.

Also, we do not forget to ensure maximum comfort, with designs that eliminate any noise pollution and accompany it with maximum security for all types of homes. Our search for excellence is also reflected in continuous training, incorporating the latest trends in design. A clear example of this are our “Passivhaus” projects, a technique that allows us to create homes with maximum energy efficiency, a high degree of comfort, and profitable throughout their useful life.

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