Members of the association are prominent business professionals from diverse sectors. They include lawyers, notaries, business consultants, architects, engineers, real estate agents, project managers, developers, builders contractors, building material suppliers, public relations and communication experts, interior designers, landscape architects and sub-contractors specialising in high-quality housing.

The members of the association are:

Alejandro Giménez

Alejandro Giménez Architects was founded in 1999. Located on the Costa del Sol, Malaga, the company is responsible for the planning and design of primary and secondary residences, public buildings, offices, master plans and Architectural surveys. The company´s focus revolves around the clients´primary needs, dreams and budget.

His style is heavily influenced by the style of architecture from Southern Spain’s Mediterranean coast. However, he has also spent a lot of time in both Mexico and Japan, and he incorporates ideas, colors and spaces from both countries in his designs.These influences are carried outin order to create harmony, beauty and peaceful spaces.

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