Members of the association are prominent business professionals from diverse sectors. They include lawyers, notaries, business consultants, architects, engineers, real estate agents, project managers, developers, builders contractors, building material suppliers, public relations and communication experts, interior designers, landscape architects and sub-contractors specialising in high-quality housing.

The members of the association are:


Proinsermant was established in 1981 as a pioneering installation company that offered home automation and customization to clients in Costa del Sol that had a high level of expectation.

A philosophy that comes from its very name and that still continues.

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Today, our level of experience, qualified knowledge and specialization has allowed the company to go from being a leader in our field, to offering services throughout Spain, to designing projects being developed in Europe, Asia and Africa.

During our development, Proinsermant has focused solely and exclusively on home engineering, providing the highest levels of specialization and control that can be seen in this field. We continue to do so after more than 35 years and hundreds of clients.

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