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Sierra Blanca Global

Sierra Blanca Global

Sierra Blanca Global is a leading construction company in Marbella. Its excepcional customer service and its high-quality buildings have led it to becoming a reliable business, at the forefront of innovation and technology, by applying pioneering construction procedures in Spain and with a consideration of the environment and energy efficiency. Its buildings boast of being sustainable and efficient.

From the beginning, it has been focused on the construction of luxury villas and apartments in the Costa del Sol; currently, its positions itself as a serious business, which stands out from others due to its absolute guarantee for delivering on time, the high-quality execution of its buildings and finishes, its customer service, always close and special, and its complete safety, with respect to the constructions themselves and its economic stability.

The numerous construction projects of homes and special offers of first-class apartments, villas and townhouses in which we have taken part, makes us a business with great experience, able to overcome the specific circumstances of constructions of this extent and, as a result, advise our customers regarding the best procedures to follow.