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>News >The architecture and the city model of Malaga, under debate at the 4th Dom3 Strategic Forum

The architecture and the city model of Malaga, under debate at the 4th Dom3 Strategic Forum

The Edgar Neville Auditorium will host the 4th edition of this professional meeting on 1 April.

The architects Esteve, Nieto, Frías, Seguí, Moreno Peralta and Carrillo, among others, will be the protagonists of the presentations and debate.

The Dom3 Business Association for High Quality Housing is finalising the organisation of the fourth edition of the Dom3 Strategic Forum, which on this occasion will be held in the city of Malaga with the aim of analysing, exploring and debating the architectural transformation that the city is undergoing.

Thus, under the slogan Málaga and Marbella, Architecture in perspective, a wide range of architects will present and discuss the different ways of approaching architecture as a transformation of the city, a very fashionable aspect in the city of Malaga in recent times.

For the president of the Dom3 Association, the landscape designer Laura Pou, it was very important this year to address the phenomenon that is happening in Malaga, which now stands as the true capital of the Costa del Sol. DOM3 is an association of businessmen and professionals with a common denominator: to work in their different fields generating knowledge and excellence due to the special treatment required to build high-end villas.

This synergy between committed professionals is of great value; not everywhere there are the objective circumstances for this to happen.

The Costa del Sol meets those conditions that have given birth to this idea of DOM3. It is a commitment and a moral obligation of the businessmen and professionals that make up the DOM3 Association to organise activities that, through reflection and debate, share the experience acquired through the execution of high-end housing. 

In this context, a reborn Malaga emerges, a cultural and touristic engine of the province, which gives the whole Mediterranean area a combination of infinite possibilities. Give and take, what DOM3 can offer Malaga and what Malaga can offer DOM3 as a vital part and capital of the Costa del Sol.

“The aim of this professional meeting, in which we hope to bring together a large number of professionals, entrepreneurs and heads of companies in the real estate sector and all departments related to high-end housing that transforms the city, is to contribute and try to transfer the philosophy of quality in the construction of housing that has been carried out for years on the Costa del Sol and that is now beginning to take on greater importance in Malaga city too,” says the president of DOM3.

The forum programme will consist of four talks on architecture and will be closed by a panel discussion. The first talk will be given by the architect César Frías, of Morph Estudio, who will talk about Industrialised Architecture in his paper “Take-away architecture”; Fuensanta Nieto, of Estudio Nieto y Sobejano, will deal with Rehabilitation Architecture in her paper “Nieto Sobejano Architecture, city, memory”; Álvaro Carrillo, from Álvaro Carrillo Arquitectos will be the architect who will address Vernacular Architecture with his talk ‘Thinking with Care’ and Ramón Esteve, from Ramón Esteve Estudio, who will deal with the subject of Residential Architecture with his exhibition ‘Places where you feel like living’. 

The professional presentations will be followed by the round table debate ‘New languages of space and form’, which will close the forum and will include the participation of the Malaga architects José Seguí and Salvador Moreno Peralta, architects of important transformation projects in the city; the councillor Rosa Sánchez, in charge of Tourism and Promotion of the city, who will talk about the projects that are being developed in Malaga by the City Council, while the director of the Port Authority of Malaga, José Moyano, will do the same with the environment of the port precinct. On behalf of the DOM3 Association, the architect Paco Guillén will take part in the round table debate and the regional director of Real Estate Business and Developments of Caixabank, Daniel Caballero, will speak on behalf of the main sponsor.

The opening ceremony will be led by the president of the group, the landscape architect Laura Pou, as well as local and provincial authorities and the representative of Caixabank, Juan Ignacio Zafra, the main sponsor of the event. 

Those interested in attending this forum, which can be accessed by personalised invitation, can send their request to secretaria@dome3.es.

The IV DOM3 Strategic Forum. Málaga and Marbella, Architecture in Perspective, is organised and sponsored by the DOM3 Business Association, with Caixabank as the main sponsor. The Agrojardín Group also collaborates with this celebration as well as the landscape designer Laura Pou and the publishing company Arquitectura y Empresa. In addition, Diputación Provincial de Málaga has also collaborated by providing the Edgar Neville auditorium.