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1.1 The Businessmen’s Association for High-End Housing (DOM3) brings together entrepreneurs and professionals with expertise in various fields, united by a common interest such as promoting actions to preserve and encourage the business of design, development and construction of high quality housing in Marbella, Estepona, Benahavis and their sphere of influence.

DOM3 believes in the exchange of information, in mutual cooperation and combined action as a vector for the development of the sector as well as of Marbella's tourism brand.

1.2 In their pursuit of excellence, DOM3 is pleased to announce the third edition of the Architecture Award DOM3 PRIZE on the design of high-end housing developments.

High-end housing developments, both for villas and apartments, are the typologies par excellence and the flagship of urban planning in this area. It should be highlighted that the amount of revenue generated by residential tourists owning these upmarket units has a large impact on the local economy.

In this third edition of the DOM3 PRIZE, a plot for the development of an architectural group of apartments on Avenida Litoral de Estepona is available to the contestants. This plot enjoys a prime location on the sea-front and in an urban environment with unsurpassable views over the Mediterranean.


2.1 The purpose of this award is to promote development of high-end housing projects in our area as a destination for residential tourism whilst at the same time strengthening and consolidating on an international level trademarks taking part in these projects.

2.2 The proposal is to reflect on high-end housing whilst at the same time striving for excellence in design, opening a debate on this type of modern and contemporary architecture, on beauty, sustainability and respect for the environment.  On that basis, participants will be able to develop particularly interesting projects.  The intention therefore, apart from this privileged and perfect setting, is to inspire the creation of an architectural project of apartments where contestants manage to unify architecture, landscaping and interior design.

2.3 The location of the plot proposed for the prize is indicated in zipApendix 1, together with the mandatory urban planning regulations. The plot represents 10395.27 sq. All of their features will be available in the Technical Specifications list annexed to these rules.


3.1 In this third edition of DOM3 PRIZE all architects, Spanish or not, and legally qualified to practice within the Spanish territory may participate.  It is not necessary to be licensed as an architect in Spain to participate in this contest.

This edition once again devotes a section aimed at architecture students who can prove their enrolment in a school of architecture, either in Spain or abroad. Works submitted in this category will be governed by the same requirements contained in the general rules, and although they will not be eligible for the prizes described in section 10, but for a special prize of THREE THOUSAND EUROS (21% VAT INCLUDED) as well as a special mention that will be awarded to the winner at the award ceremony.

3.2 Architects may participate individually or as multidisciplinary teams, as well as any legal persons whose social objectives correspond with the objective of the competition, as long as the project to be submitted has been signed by an architect who meets the provisions of the preceding paragraph. Each participant is free to submit as many proposals at their own discretion.

3.3 Members of the board of judges may not participate, nor any blood relative,  nor any person with a family connection within the fourth degree of consanguinity with any member of the judging panel, nor any person currently with established professional links with the association DOM3 or with the developer owning the plot subject of the project.


4.1 All administrative correspondence concerning this Award, will be provided to participants by computer transmission, through the Secretariat of the competition whose contact details are:


Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

4.2 Projects are to be delivered in a timely manner at the Notary's office of Mrs. Marta Pascua Ponce located in Avenida Ricardo Soriano 34. Edificio Portillo. Oficinas 1°-1, Notaría, 29601 Marbella, Málaga [Spain]



5.1.1. The announcements for the competition and submission deadlines for the projects will be published in a notice displayed on the website of DOM3:

5.1.2. Registration is mandatory and will have no cost.


All documentation will be available from the website and there will be a link on the website (Appendix 1) from the moment of its release, which may be freely, consulted any interested party.


5.3.1. Any queries may be sent via email sent to the Secretariat of DOM3 PRIZE at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until the 21st of March, 2018. On April 6, 2018, the complete and anonymous breakdown of queries and their pertinent clarifications will be published on the web page

5.3.2. The queries above mentioned will be analysed and answered by the Secretariat of the Contest or by the technical area of DOM3, depending on their nature.

5.3.3. The full list of questions and answers along with the comprehensive rules of the contest will be provided to the Panel of Judges at the time of its constitution.


6.1 The deadline for the submission of projects for this edition of the DOM3 PRIZE will be the 16thof May 2018 at 14.00 p.m.

6.2 The documentation may be delivered in person, byamail or via courrier provided it is received within the deadline set i.e. the 16thof May, 2018 at 14.00 p.m.   Contestants have sole responsibility to justify and secure the delivery of their works and to organize transportation.  The delivery address for the works will be the Office of the Notary MRS MARTA PASCUA PONCE, located at Avenida Ricardo Soriano No. 34 (Edificio Portillo) Bajos Local No. 4, Marbella 29601 (Malaga, Spain).    Contact number: 00 34 952 90 10 45

6.3 Once the submission deadline has passed, Mrs. MARTA PASCUA PONCE will draft the official "reception deed" recording the number of entries received and their slogans, numbering them in strict order of arrival.

6.4 All parties interested in visiting the plots should contact the CONTACT APPOINTED to organize group visits to the plots.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


7.1 Contestants must submit their works with a slogan to be included on all documents, along with documentation either in Spanish or in English, 3 DIN A1 panels (840X594 MMS.), laid out and horizontally mounted on a light foam board.

7.2 Contestants shall submit at least the base as a whole, with sections and floors properly specified with a scale suitable for reading and understanding.   Plans, views, freehand sketches, collages, or any other means of representation of free technique can be used to help express the idea of the project.  A descriptive text of maximum 250 words shall also be included.    Descriptions or texts may be only in Spanish or English, either of the two.    Computer graphics, perspectives or any other graphic expression which the participant sees fit, including photographs of models, will be accepted.    Models or prototypes will not be accepted.

7.3 In addition to the panels, it will be necessary to attach a physical computer medium containing a reproduction of the panels in a .jpg file for each panel. The files shall be named with the slogan chosen by the contestant followed by the panel reference number and must have a total size no larger than 25 MB with a resolution contained with a maximum of 300 dpi.


A separate identification envelope shall be enclosed to be delivered tightly closed and identified on the outside by the slogan chosen by the contestant and containing the identity and contact details of the editorial team, as perthe model shown in docAppendix 2 , in addition the responsible declaration pursuant to docAppendix 3


The E-mail regarding the panels will be downloaded by an independent person without a say in the jury, and e-data will only be opened once the judges have made their decision, checking the details of the winners and mentions. This person will be the Secretary of DOM3. 




4 members representing DOM3 and appointed by their management board.

1 member representing the developper.


The panel will consist of:

DOM3 President: Mrs Laura Pou

Three or four renowned architects and a representative of the developer.


The Secretary of the Prize Award will be a the secretary of DOM3, with voice but no vote.

In order for the judges to perform their duty, they will need the attendance in the evaluation sessions of at least half of the panel plus one other member.


8.2.1. Within a maximum period of twelve days from the receipt of all works, that is, until the 28thof May, 2018, and should the number of submissions so require it, a pre-selection of projects will take place by the Prior Judges Panel.

The panel of judges will have to publish their final decision on the 1stof June, 2018.    3 finalists will be short listed, of which only the first one will receive a cash prize, there being a mention for those who occupy the second and third places. Among the first three works selected, a winner will be chosen, as well as a second and a third prize, which will be announced at the award ceremony to be held in Estepona. The three finalists will be invited to the event. 

Likewise, a winner will be selected among the works presented by students of architecture, who will be awarded a special mention described in section 3.1. of the present rules and that shall be awarded at the same ceremony to which this winner will be invited as a guest.

8.2.2. Should the amount of submissions make it impossible to meet these deadlines, this will be announced on the Award's website, notifying participants of the new decision date, which shall in no case exceed two weeks from the above mentioned date.

8.2.3. The duties of the panel of judges will be to review the documentation and the admission of the works received, plus the reasoned proposal for the return of non-admitted works.

The grounds for refusal of admission of the proposals of the participants will be:

  • Late delivery.
  • Insufficient documentation submitted.
  • Breach of anonymity.
  • Failure to comply with any of the rules of the competition.

The panel of judges will issue a reasoned proposal for the final decision regarding the result of the prize.

8.2.4. The Secretary of the Award will document the final result, with the names of the three selected finalists, the prize awarded and the names of the mentions granted.

8.2.5. The awards ceremony will take place at an official ceremony, the date of which will be announced publicly.  Finalists will be notified in advance, so that they can make any necessary travel arrangements to attend the ceremony, where they will be informed as to who amongst them is the final winner.


9.1. The judging criteria for the assessment of the works will be supported by:

  • Conceptual and technical quality.
  • Study of analysis, reflection and research on the subject and the spatial experience of the environment
  • Creativity and innovation.
  • Respect for the environment.
  • Adequacy of the project idea, expressive capacities of materials and products as well as new proposals on materials, finishes and applications, etc, that might be generated.
  • Possibilities of feasibility of construction both financially and in terms of urban regulations.
  • Adequacy of the presentation medium with respect to the chosen graphics, quality and expressiveness.

9.2 Compliance with existing standards of the Spanish Technical Building Code will be reviewed.

9.3 The working criteria to be met in the project design, which has been established jointly by DOM3 members and the developers of the plots to be developed, will be follows:


  • Sea and mountains views, with a double terrace in all homes.
  • Maximum possible height in the homes, promoting double heights as much as possible. (Always respecting the regulations in force)
  • Group houses by categories or surfaces, avoiding discrepancies in the same block.
  • Possibility of personalizing each home.
  • Between 20-25% of the buildability will be established for 2-bedroom homes with surfaces between 130-170 meters plus terraces.  50% of 3 bedrooms with an area of 220-280 meters plus terraces and the remaining ones of 4 or more bedrooms between 280 and 350 meters. The number of bathrooms should be equal to the number of bedrooms plus a toilet.
  • Habitable roofs using materials that meet the standards to consider these "environmentally friendly" homes, as well as materials of good aging and traceability of recycling, resistant to salinity, and avoiding those that may cause stains on the façades.
  • In areas that do not count for buildability (free floors, semi-basements and basements), the maximum amount of common areas will be generated; spacious, well lit, with the largest open views and with gardens as their main appeal.
  • It should have a gym, a Spa, (sauna, steam bath, plunch), heated pool and community rooms.
  • Proposals where the building has a high degree of energy efficiency will be assessed positively.
  • Natural landscaping, integrated into the environment.
  • Use of renewable energy.
  • Use of natural materials and elements environmentally friendly.
  • Use of the latest technologies in the facilities.
  • Comprehensive home automation for all elements with special emphasis on security.


General distribution of type plants.

  • Living rooms will be spacious, well lit (with large windows from ceiling to floor), connected to the terrace and forming the same body.
  • Terraces should be large, spacious, habitable and with the possibility of landscaping. They should be able to achieve maximum privacy between neighbours and the outside, highlighting the views towards the sea and the mountains, trying to conceal unwanted views and minimizing external noises of the nearest roads. These terraces must also serve to avoid direct sunlight on windows.
  • Functional entrance hall of dimensions according to design.
  • Functional kitchen that can be integrated with the living room with the possibility of closing and becoming independent from it.
  • Possibility of a pantry/laundry room attached to the kitchen.
  • A large master bedroom with bathroom and dressing room.
  • Two or three secondary bedrooms, each with built-in bathrooms and closets.

Roof floor

  • According to the design of each contestant, it is possible to build houses with large terraces/solariums and private pools or to combine them with the lower floors for the creation of duplex apartments. (Always complying with the applicable regulations).

Basement Floor

  • Basement floor with a minimum of 2.5 parking spaces per home and 15 spaces for community use, visits, suppliers, etc. Storage room for each house.
  • Community engine room and other spaces required according to regulations.
  • Special attention will be paid to compliance with the municipal regulations and utilities companies.


10.1. The contest cannot be declared as deserted under any circumstances.

10.1.1. The prizes shall consist of:

  1. A first prize awarded to the winning architect in the amount of 60,000 Euros. This amount includes 21% of V.A.T.
  2. A mention in favour of the architect whose work has been chosen in second place.
  3. A mention in favour of the architect whose work has been chosen in third place.

D.E.I. HOMES reserves the right to execute all or part of the winning project or of any other project presented, also reserving the right to commission another architect the development of the project, this reservation being an essential condition of the present contest.


11.1. The contestant will be recognized as the author of his/her work or design, retaining his/her copyrights.  

11.2. However, by accepting these rules, the participant transfers to the developer, exclusively, all rights to exploit his or her draft in any form and the rights of transformation and any patent or other intellectual rights to such work.   Also, the contestant transfers the rights of reproductions (either total or partial), distribution and public communication, this transfer being an essential condition of the present contest. 

11.3. The contestant will be fully responsible for any claims that may arise of any nature or that third parties may file in this regard, without exhaustiveness, to the originality, similar or partial copies of the submitted works.

11.4. On the other hand, DOM3 is not responsible for any damage that projects may suffer due to causes beyond the organization of the Prize.


12.1. All contestants are entitled to examine the winning project during the month following the publication of the decision of the panel of judges.    In the event of a public exhibition of the project, it will be understood that this right is being fulfilled by the public opening of the exhibition.    Likewise, it will be fulfilled by posting the winning project on the website.

12.2. The winning project as well as the remaining ones shortlisted will become the property of DOM3 and of  Developer. DOM3 reserves the publishing rights to such designs by whatever means they deem necessary.

12.3. Contestants (except for the ones shortlisted that will remain property of DOM3 and the developer) will have the right to personally withdraw their projects within one month from the end of the exhibition, except for the CDs, which will remain with DOM3.  Projects will not be returned under any circumstances by DOM3 to the contestants. Following the deadline herein established, DOM3 may decide the fate of the same.


13.1. In compliance with Article 5 of Law 15/1999, of December 13, for the implementation of regulations for the Protection of Personal Data, contestants are informed that their personal details will be inserted in a file owned by DOM3, and entered into the Spanish data Protection Agency.

13.2. The purpose of this will be for the possible management of details relating to persons who may be beneficiaries of this award.    The acceptance of these terms entails providing express, precise and unequivocal consent for these procedures.

13.3. If any of the participants do not wish their personal details to be used for possible future lotteries or contests, and they also wish to exercise their right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition as established in the Law, or revoke their consent, they can do so by explicitly indicating their wishes via email to the following address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Participation in this contest implies the full acceptance of these rules, whose interpretation corresponds to those responsible for the organization.


DOM3 Businessmen’s Association for High-End Housing is a non-profit association with registered office at Santa Ana Shopping Center San Pedro Norte 29670 of San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella, Spain.