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1.1.- DOM3

The Association of Businesses for High Quality Housing (DOM3)unites experienced businesspeople and professionals from several sectors, who share one aim: to preserve and promote the design, development and construction of high-quality homes in Marbella and nearby areas.

DOM3 believes that the interchange of information, mutual co-operation and joint action are the driving forces behind the success of both the high-end villa and tourism sectors in Marbella.

1.2.- In its search for excellence, DOM3 has the pleasure of convening the very first edition of the DOM3 Architecture Prize for the design of a luxury villa.

Luxury villas are the archetypal construction in this area; the crown jewels in the town planning scheme of Marbella and its area of influence. Due to its low plot ratio, the sustainability of this segment should be highlighted, along with the height limitations and extensive green areas that surround every plot, in contrast to many other types of housing. The income generated by foreign residential homeowners additionally has a very positive impact on the local economy.

For the first edition of the DOM3 PRIZE, the La Zagaleta development will be offering a plot for a detached single-family villa on a privileged site, which will be available contenders for the prize.


1.2.- This Prize is aimed at promoting the luxury villa segment in Marbella and its area of influence, and at strengthening and consolidating the Marbella brand as a destination for international residential tourists.

2.2.- It is proposed that candidates reflect on luxury housing as the maximum expression of design, quality and location – this basic tenet should enable participants to develop particularly interesting projects. Offering a plot in highly privileged surroundings (in the La Zagaleta development in this first edition), DOM3 hopes to inspire the construction of a single-family detached house which gracefully unifies architecture, landscaping and interior design.

2.3.- The location of the proposed Prize plot J-8 (9,750 m2) in the La Zagaleta development, along with the town planning provisions that must be complied with, can be accessed on


3.1.- Spanish or foreign architects may take part in this first edition of the DOM3 PRIZE, provided they are legally empowered to exercise the profession within Spanish territory. It is not necessary to be a member of a professional architects’ association in Spain. Participants must, however, be able to sign and certify the basic design project that is drawn up.

3.2.- Architects may participate on an individual basis, as part of a multidisciplinary team or as legal persons whose corporate purpose coincides with that of the Prize, provided that the design project to be submitted carries the signature of an architect who meets the requirements set forth in the preceding point. Each participant may submit as many proposals as he/she deems appropriate.

3.4.- Members of the Jury may not take part in the Prize, nor may their relatives by blood or by marriage up the fourth degree of civil kinship, or anybody with whom they maintain stable professional relationships.


4.1.- All administrative correspondence referring to this Prize shall be maintained by participants via computerised transmission with the Secretariat of the Prize (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./dom3_antiguo). Further details can be found on

4.2.- Proposals shall be duly submitted within the deadline at the Secretariat of the DOM3 Prize: Notaria de Marta Patricia Pascua Ponce, Avda. Ricardo Soriano, 34 Bajo, 4 (Edificio Portillo), 29601 Marbella (Málaga – España).



5.1.1.- The deadlines for the call for proposals and submission of works shall be posted on the DOM3 website:

5.1.2.- Pre-registration shall not involve any cost whatsoever.


Complete documentation shall be made available on and there shall be a link on the La Zagaleta S.L.U. website from the very moment the Prize is launched in the middle of March 2014. Any interested party may freely consult such documentation.


5.3.1.- Any queries may be made to the DOM3 PRIZE Secretariat by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it./dom3_antiguo) until 14th April, 2014. A complete, anonymous list of queries and the relevant clarifications made shall be posted on the website on 29th April, 2014.

5.3.2.- The aforementioned queries shall be analysed and answered by the Secretariat of the Prize or by the DOM3 Technical Department, depending on their subject matter.

5.3.3.- The full list of questions and answers, along with a complete copy of the rules shall be furnished to the Jury of the Prize at the moment of its constitution.


Preliminary matters.- Given the development’s level of privacy, a guided tour of the plot at the beginning of April is being planned for all interested parties, in which those responsible for DOM3 and La Zagaleta shall take part.

6.1.- The submission deadline for submitting works for this first edition of the DOM3 PRIZE is Thursday, 30th May, 2014, at 6pm.

6.2.- The documentation may be submitted in person at the Prize’s office (Notaria de Marta Patricia Pascua Ponce, Avda. Ricardo Soriano, 34 Bajo, 4 (Edificio Portillo), 29601 Marbella, Málaga – España), by post, or by courier, provided that it is received within the deadline (30th May, 2014). Contenders shall be solely responsible for justifying and ensuring their deliveries, and shall also incur all costs of sending such documents.

6.3.- Once the deadline has passed, the Secretary of the Prize shall draw up a “reception certificate” recording the number of works received and their titles, numbering them by strict order of reception.


7.1.- The contenders shall submit (with a title, which shall appear on all the documents) three DIN A1 size panels (840 X 594 mm) laid out horizontally and mounted on a light foam board, along with the documentation in either Spanish or English.

7.2.- They shall at least submit the entire floor plan, floors and cross-sections at a duly specified scale suitable for reading and comprehending. Diagrams, views, freehand sketches, collages or any other free representation technique, which helps to convey the design project’s idea. A descriptive text of 250 words at most. The descriptions or texts may be in either Spanish or English. Computer graphics, perspectives or any other graphical means of expression the participant deems appropriate, as well as photographs of models shall be admitted. Models shall not be accepted.

7.3.- In addition to the panels, a CD containing a reproduction of each of the panels in a .jpg file shall be enclosed. The files shall be named with the title chosen followed by the number of the panel. These files may not exceed 5MB in size and the contents thereof shall have a maximum resolution of 300 dpi.


A separate identification envelope shall be attached, which shall be completely sealed when delivered and identified on the outside by the title chosen by the contender. This envelope shall contain the identity and contact details of the team responsible for the design in keeping with the sample form that can be downloaded from


The post containing the panels shall be opened by the Notary Public, Ms. Marta Patricia Pascua Ponce. The post containing data shall only be opened once the Jury has issued its verdict to check the data of the winners and mentions.




Four members representing DOM3, appointed by the Managing Board.
One member representing La Zagaleta.
One member representing the Benahavis Town Hall (Local Authority).


This shall be comprised of:

The Chairman of DOM3, Ms Sofía Polo.
The Honorary Chairman of La Zagaleta, Mr Enrique Pérez Flores.
One member representing La Zagaleta.
One member representing the Benahavis Town Hall (Local Authority).
Two renowned architects.


The Prize’s Secretariat shall be the Notary Public, Ms. Marta Pascua Ponce, who shall be entitled to take the floor but not to vote.

The presence of at least half plus one of the Jury’s members shall be necessary to carry out the Jury’s work at evaluation sessions.


8.2.1.- Should the number of works submitted be deemed suitable, a pre-selection of design projects shall be carried out by the Preliminary Jury within a maximum of two weeks from the reception of the works; that is to say, until 13th June, 2014. The certificate of the definitive Jury’s verdict shall be drafted before Friday, 20th June. Each member of the Jury may leave a separate record of the reasons for their vote.

8.2.2.- Should it turn out to be impossible to meet these deadlines due to the number of works submitted, such circumstance shall be announced on the Prize’s website and notice of the new resolution date shall be given, which shall under no circumstances exceed two weeks from the aforementioned date.

8.2.3.- The Jury’s functions shall consist of analysing the documentation, admitting the works received and making grounded proposals for returning any works which have not been admitted.

The reasons for refusing the admission of the participants’ proposals shall be as follows:

Submission beyond the deadline.
Insufficiency in the documentation submitted.
Disclosure of anonymity.
Breach of any of the Prize’s rules.

In addition, the Jury shall issue a grounded proposal on the definitive resolution containing the Prize’s verdict.

8.2.4.- The secretary of the Prize (the Notary Public) shall draft the official certificate recording all the actions carried out.

8.2.5.- The verdict shall be posted on the website within seven days at most from the date the last session of the Jury was held and it shall not be final until the definitive certificate of the Prize is signed by at least half of the Jury members.

8.2.6.- Prizes will be awarded at an official ceremony on 27th June, 2014, at a venue to be publicly announced. Explicit notice of the latter shall be given to the winners.


9.1.-The criteria for the Jury to evaluate the works shall be based on:

Conceptual and technical quality.
The analytical study, reflection and research on the theme and the spatial experience of the surroundings.
Creativity and innovation.
Respect for the environment.
The adaptation of the expressive capabilities of the material and products, as well as any new proposals on materials, finishes, applications, etc. that may come about, to the idea of the project.
Possibilities of feasibility and construction.
Suitability of the chosen means of presentation with regard to graphical elements, quality and expressivity.

9.2. Compliance with prevailing standards and the CTE (Technical Building Code) shall be analysed.

9.3.- The functional programme to be complied with in the villa’s design, established jointly by the members of DOM3 and the plot’s developers, shall be as follows:


Integration into the plot.
Natural landscaping integrated into the surroundings.
Renewable energies (photovoltaic, geothermal, solar, etc.).
Natural, environmentally friendly materials and elements.

Ground floor

Large entrance.
Living room with double height ceiling.
Formal dining room (separate from living room).
Large kitchen with dining area, open-plan concept.
Guest toilet.
Study or office (independent, quiet area of the house).

First floor

Main bedroom (high ceilings).
Separate bathrooms for him and her.
Separate walk-in wardrobes.
Children or family members’ wing: two large bedrooms with walk-in wardrobes and en-suite bathrooms.
TV lounge with small kitchenette.
Guest wing: two or three bedrooms, all en-suite, equipped with wardrobes or walk-in wardrobes.


Indoor swimming pool with spa area (with natural light if possible).
Gym room.
Cinema and games room (billiards, etc.).
Independent apartment for housekeeping staff: two bedrooms, bathrooms, living room and kitchen with the same standard of quality, so they can also be used by guests.

10.- PRIZE

10.1.- Under no circumstances may the Prize be declared void.

10.1.1.- The Prize shall consist of:

1.- The payment of €40,000 (taxes not included) to the prize-winning architect as professional fees for the drafting the villa’s basic design project. Such amount shall be paid within a maximum of 30 days after the delivery of said project.

2.- The execution of the design project by the entity La Zagaleta S.L.U. within 42 months from the date the Prize is awarded. La Zagaleta S.L. reserves the right to commission the project’s execution as well as the execution of the works to another professional other than the prize-winner.


11.1.- The winner shall be recognised as the author of his/her work or design and shall keep moral authorship rights over it.

11.2.- Nonetheless, by accepting these rules, the winner exclusively assigns to La Zagaleta S.L.U. any kind of exploitation rights of his/her project, as well as any transformation rights, patent rights or any other intellectual property rights over said work. The contender likewise assigns to La Zagaleta S.L.U. and to DOM3 the rights of reproduction (whole or partial), distribution and public communication.

11.3.- Furthermore, DOM3 shall not be held liable for any damages the design projects may suffer due to reasons beyond the Prize organisers’ control, or for any claims for plagiarism made by any of the participants.


12.1.- All contenders shall have the right to examine the prize-winning work during a period of one month from the date that notice is given of the Jury’s verdict. Should a public exhibition of the work be held, the aforementioned right shall be deemed fulfilled though the exhibition. It shall likewise be deemed fulfilled via publication on the website.

12.2.- The prize-winning work shall become the property of DOM3, which shall reserve the right to publish the designs by any means it deems necessary.

12.3.- Participants shall be entitled to personally take back their works within a month from the end of the exhibition of their works, except the CDs, which shall remain in the possession of DOM3. The design projects shall under no circumstances be returned by DOM3 to the participants.