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The event will address, in three blocks, various aspects that the group of professional members of the association has been detecting in recent times: the new reality of the current urban developers, the shortage of professionals in the traditional guilds and craft trades and finally, the evolution of the architecture of the area in recent times.

Marbella and its surroundings form a first class tourist and residential destination. It is here that the best designed, most technically advanced and best decorated homes in the world are built. Now Malaga, capital of the Costa del Sol, is taking a leading role in the international launch of the area.

For this reason, the Asociación de Empresarios para la Vivienda de Alta Calidad DOM3 has launched the organisation of the fourth edition of the DOM3 Strategic Forum, which will take place on 1 April 2022 in the Edgar Neville Auditorium in Málaga, with the aim of reflecting on the future of architecture and high-end residential tourism, contributing to raising the quality of the future supply of this type of housing in our area and whose main objectives are:

1.- To promote research and innovation in the design and construction of high-end housing.

2.- To associate the Málaga, Marbella and its surroundings brand with a prestigious business event, contributing to its enhancement on a national and international level.

3.- To project DOM3 as a prestigious and influential Association in the social and political sphere, with the aim of influencing strategic decisions that directly or indirectly affect our sector.

The DOM3 Strategic Forum will feature speakers of the stature of Salvador Moreno Peralta, Álvaro Carrillo and César Frías, among others, and the themes will revolve around Vernacular Architecture, Residential Architecture, Industrial Architecture and rehabilitation.








Dª Laura Pou Majón · DOM3 president.
Ayuntamiento de Málaga

Francisco J. Oblaré. Diputación provincial de Málaga. Diputado de Fomento e Infraestructura.

Juan Ignacio Zafra. Regional Director Caixabank.




10 HS
“Take-away architecture”. Industrialised Architecture
Arq. César Frías of Morph Estudio


10.30 HS
“Nieto Sobejano_Architecture, city, memory”. Rehabilitation Architecture
Arq. Fuensanta Nieto of Estudio Nieto y Sobejano




11.30 HS
“Think carefully”. Vernacular Architecture
Arq. Álvaro Carrillo of Álvaro Carrillo Arquitectos


12 HS
“Places to live”. Residential Architecture
Arq. Ramón Esteve


New languages of space and form

Salvador Moreno Peralta. Architect

Daniel Caballero. Corporate Director of Real Estate Business and Developments at Caixabank
Rosa Sánchez Jiménez. Deputy Mayor Delegate for Tourism, City Promotion and Investment Attraction at Málaga Town Hall.
José Seguí. Architect
Arq. Francisco Guillén. Architect (Dom3 Member)
Carlos Rubio Basabe. President Port of Málaga.


13.30 HS · CLOSURE
Dª Laura Pou Majón · LANDSCAPE DESIGNER · DOM3 president



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The DOM3 Association of Businesspeople for High Quality Housing has organised the 3rd DOM3 Strategic Forum. Reflection or Formulas for Success in High End Housing. This new edition of the encounter of the professional sector of architecture, construction and the high-end housing sector in general, has been set for next Friday 26th April in the facilities of the Teatro Auditorio Felipe VI in Estepona.




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Foro DOM3 2017

DOM3, the Association of Businesspeople for High-End Housing, has organised a Strategic Forum on the sector for the 10th of April. On this occasion, the event will address the present and future of high-end housing and will be held at the Teatro Auditorio Felipe VI in Estepona, with the collaboration of the Town Hall of Estepona.



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The DOM3, the Association of Entrepreneurs for high-end housing, has organised a Strategic Forum on the sector for the 10th of April. On this occasion, the event will address the present and future of high-end housing and will be held at the Felipe VI Theatre Auditorium in Estepona, with the collaboration of the town’s Town Hall.

The program of the Strategic Forum proposed by DOM3 will be attended by the Director General of Turespaña, Marta Blanco, as well as businessmen and experts in marketing, urban planning, architecture, and other personalities at regional and provincial level, who will reflect on the future of the high-end residential sector in Estepona, Marbella and Benahavís.

The DOM3 Strategic Forum aims to analyse the situation of Residential Tourism in the area and to compare it with other areas of the world that have traditionally been the target of residential tourism. In addition, it will also serve as a forum for dialogue between politicians and businessmen aimed at improving the legal and competitive framework that will allow Estepona, Marbella and Benahavís to consolidate their position as a world reference in high-end residential tourism.



The DOM3 Business Association publishes the conclusions of its Strategic Forum.

In April 2015 DOM3, under the title “Una vision al futuro de la vivienda de alta gama” (“A vision for the future of high-end housing”), the DOM3 Strategic Forum was held at the Teatro Auditorio Felipe VI. It was attended by more than 300 entrepreneurs, authorities and professionals related to the sector in Marbella, Estepona and Benahavís. DOM3, The Association of Entrepreneurs for High Quality Housing, has published a report of conclusions drawn from the presentations and debates that took place at this event.

In this document, DOM3 calls for the involvement of the various local, provincial, regional, and national administrations, as well as the entrepreneurs themselves, to join forces to adopt measures aimed at promoting the development of the high-end housing sector, which has proven to be a driving force for development in the DOM3 area.

In this sense, the report stresses that each high-end home is a source of income for the municipal coffers and DOM3 calls on local councils to urgently equip themselves with qualified and efficient teams to speed up the necessary procedures for the construction of these homes.

The Malaga Provincial Council is also asked to encourage investment in telecommunications which are vital for high-end residential tourism, as the client profile is that of a foreign businessman or senior manager working remotely. It is also asked to encourage the establishment of international schools.

At a regional level, DOM3 asks the Andalusian Regional Government to review its current tourism model, making it more aware of residential tourism and not just hotel tourism. It also calls for the revision of inheritance and wealth tax for foreign residents, which is not the case in other countries, making them more competitive destinations than ours.

Finally, DOM3 calls on the national government to promote tax policies that are favourable to foreign residents, to promote investment in housing and to allow the full development of the Entrepreneurs Law.

But the DOM3 Strategic Forum has also served as an opportunity for self-criticism from the group itself, which proposes the quality of its products and services as the only reliable and sustainable option for all companies in the area.

In short, the data provided by the report drawn up by the DOM3 Association following the holding of its Strategic Forum “A vision for the future of high-end housing”, reflects the importance of the sector, the economic engine of the DOM3 area, which is why this group is calling for the involvement of all levels of government to adopt measures aimed at promoting and boosting high-end housing.

 Full report of the conclusions of the DOM3 strategic forum “A vision for the future of high-end housing” in the following link: Conclusions of the Strategic Forum

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