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DOM3 Prize Presentation in Madrid


This morning, we were in Madrid to present the first edition of the international architecture competition, the DOM3 Prize, an award inviting architects from all over the world to participate in the creation of a unique project that marks the luxury villa as the ultimate expression of design, quality and location. The project should unify architecture, landscaping and interior design, in one sole creation.

At the conference, our President, Sofía Polo, was joined by the CEO of La Zagaleta, José Pérez Díaz, and the following three members of the jury: Teresa Sapey, Salvador Moreno Peralta and Fernando Caruncho.

During the conference, the members of the jury shared their vision about the current state of the international landscaping and architecture sector. Architect, Salvador Moreno Peralta, noted, “Marbella is one of the few cities that has survived the thoughtless over-construction that has destroyed many areas. In order to maintain our city’s beauty and essence, we must build quality – quality attracts quality.”

Landscaper Fernando Caruncho, meanwhile, observed: “The term ‘high-end’ isn’t concerned with the size of the project; it has more to do with refinement, and escaping from the ostentatious.” In Caruncho’s view, “The architecture of many cities has developed a similar appearance and in the end, what remains in our memory, and shapes identiy, is the landscape. The entire architectural ensemble should be united to the landscape.”

Teresa Sapey mentioned, “We are currently living an historic moment. Our mentality has changed when it comes to luxury: a concept that is far removed from ostentation. Luxury can be a simple, unexpected detail,” Salvador Moreno Peralta added, “Luxury is discretion. If human beings intervene in the landscape with discretion, everything improves.”

Queremos agradecer también a Rafael de la Hoz su apoyo como miembro del jurado, esperando coincidir con él muy pronto para continuar con el debate que se planteó en esta presentación. Igualmente, damos las gracias a todos los periodistas que nos acompañaron y mostraron un gran interés por esta iniciativa.

We would also like to thank Rafael de la Hoz for his support as a member of the jury. We hope to see him soon so we can continue the debate we commenced during this presentation. We would also like to thank all the journalists who accompanied us and showed a great interest in this initiative.