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Birkigt, haute couture engineering


How would you describe your company in a Tweet?

Birkigt, design and manufacture of mobile architectural elements. Our slogan: “Haute Couture Engineering”.

Give us a little more detail about your main business activity and the sector you work in.

Our aim is to provide movement to particular parts of a building. We marry technology to craftsmanship, offering our clients a new, different, clearly distinguishable class of products. The most advanced and trustworthy technology in the industrial sector enables us to turn imagination into reality. Craftsmanship, meanwhile, allows for ultimate integration into the global project of a building and allows us to personalise our creations, each of which is utterly unique.

What expectations do you have of providing your services in Marbella and its area of influence?

Marbella is a privileged area owing to its natural surroundings and its climate. We are certain that it has great potential as a high-end residential touristic destination, and that many unique constructions will be carried out here. Moreover, we believe that Málaga’s area of influence extends beyond its immediate geographical surroundings, to areas such as Russia, the entirety of Europe and even the Middle East, since many of the villas constructed here belong to foreigners.

What is your opinion of high-end residential tourism?

The touristic sector comprises over 10 per cent of the GDP in Spain and in terms of employment, its influence is even greater. High-end residential tourism is the industry, which offers the greatest economic benefit while causing the smallest impact on the territory and its natural resources. Moreover, it adds a touch of prestige to the entire sector and it also adds value to the “brand” that is Spain.

What elements should a high-end villa possess?

Great creations are always the fruit of wisdom and a well-balanced combination of elements. Luxury villas should be located in a privileged area, possess the kind of design that is capable of surprising and resisting the passage of time, and they should contain one or more singular characteristics that emphasise its unique qualities.

To which companies would you recommended sponsorship of the international architecture prize?

Any brand offering an exclusive product or service to the high-end home sector should be part of this prize.

What has motivated you to sponsor the architecture prize?

For us, the existence of architects who are willing to innovate in the design of unique buildings is vital, and we always do everything within our power to collaborate with this type of initiative. We believe that DOM3 will be the standard bearer for the design of luxury villas.